Best Web Junk (April 17)

This story is simultaneously disgusting and fascinating Most things on this blog look gross, but this is a perfect example of bacon making everything better

Without question I can say that this is the best flowchart ever to appear on graphjam song chart memes

Well finish up today with a really neat stop motion video.  There is no telling what it cost in either prints from a developer or photo printer ink


Best Web Junk (September 12)

First, this is the best thing I have read all week Is there anyone who doesn't want to wake up to the smell of bacon?

You've always wanted to know, now here's the chance to pull of the heist of the century and learn one of the world's most valuable secrets

Here's another awesome link from engadget

My favorite link of the week -

And a very interesting vid from Adam of the Mythbusters to make up for last week's disappointing link involving the mythbusters - via myextralife


Best Web Junk (May 30)

I know this post is a couple of days early.  I'm in the basement til Saturday.  So enjoy the best of the web this week, and I'll post about my adventures on Monday. How Google really places map markers - via Digg

Find the Lizard - Here's the answer key - via Digg I wasn't sure it was there at first. But it is. And once you cheat, you can find it right away

Bacon Salt "Because everything should taste like bacon" - via @hangry

This video makes me certain that there is a God.