What I Learned from My First Minor League Game

Greer StadiumLast night I attended my first ever Minor league Baseball game with my church.  I went to Greer stadium in Nashville to see the (AAA) Sounds whip the New Orleans Zephyrs 10-1.  Since it was my first ever minor league game I learned some things and I thought I would share.

  • The Brewers have a potential star coming in Brendan Katin. He had 2 homers, including a grand slam and 7 RBIs
  • Minor league ball has a lot of non-baseball activity. There was literally some giveaway or some fan event in every half-inning
  • McDonald's gives away McDoubles like they are water
  • You want access to a baseball player? Minor league ball is the way to go
  • You want free stuff? Minor league  ball is the way to go.  Two members of our group got t-shirts (stuffed with coupons for McDoubles) and a third should have had a foul ball.
  • You can get A LOT of kettle corn for seven bucks
  • There are really no bad seats in a small baseball park
  • A 15 year old emergency poncho is in pretty much perfect condition provided it has never been taken out of the original plastic
  • The minor leagues will leave a pitcher in for a long time even if he is getting absolutely shelled
  • Everybody likes to watch a little kid dance
  • Technically you can use an Android phone for your fantasy draft, but it is not going to work very well