march madness

Best Web Junk (March 20)

You've all seen daft hands and daft bodies.  Now you can have your own daft keyboard I knew there was a reason I sometimes stare at my keys and wonder which one I need.  Apparently my brain is declining

Making it worse

I have March madness, but I'm not ever doing this

This is an impressive win


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Clearly there is something wrong with me. Tomorrow is the beginning of the NCAA tournament and I am in full March madness mode.

It works out for me, because I am only partially employed, but I feel like Thursday should be a holiday. I could tolerate working on Friday because the basketball-fest on Thursday will satiate me enough to get through the day.

There is no event in all of sports that excites me like the first two rounds of the NCAA. And I really like…

The Super Bowl

The Daytona 500

The World Series

The college bowls (though they are ultimately unfulfilling)

The night race at Bristol

The PGA majors

The SEC tournament

All these are great events, but none of them are as enjoyable as the first 2 rounds of the NCAA tourney. I think its because of the fact that there is wall-to-wall basketball, sometimes 4 games on at once. Also because everybody picks the tournament.

The only thing that can make it better is when Kentucky is a contender

Just thought I’d share

BTW: my final 4 is UNC, Texas, Wisconsin, UCLA.