The Coolest Thing I've Seen In A Long Time

is Woopra. If you don't manage a website then this is rather useless to you. but for those of you managing a website the things it offers in analytics are downright amazing. woopra screenshotIt tells you all the things that you can get with your regular stats. But it does so much more. The desktop client allows you to see currently who is on the site. You can tag particular users. (Although I have only tagged myself to know what percentage of visitors I am to my own site.) It shows you search terms, browser, OS, and screen resolution, it shows you the length of stay on the site and what pages were loaded. How many average sites were visited. Even more impressive, you can chat with visitors to your site while they are there. (A little popup appears on the page) I cannot think of anything I would want to know that it doesn't tell me.

Woopra screenshotIt is truly amazing. And at least now, while it is in beta, it is completely free. I hope it stays that way.

I would compare it to Google Earth. You know how when you first saw Google earth it was mesmerizing and you could waste half a day on it. Same thing here. And I only get 20 hits a day on my sites.

My only complaint is that it doesn't work with so I can't use it for this blog. It does work with .org sites and seriously, it is incredible. give us woopra as a plugin!

In case i haven't been clear, Woopra rocks, use it on your site.