Welcome Folks From LaGrange Park

Newsletters went out yesterday, which means that they arrived today in most cases. I would guess that many of you just found out that your youth minster writes a blog and are probably here to see what it is all about. So this post is a primer on my weblog. Some of my posts:

Require a lot of thought and organization like: A Time For War part 1 & part 2

Are hopefully an encouragement to the church like: News That Bothers Me or Saying Yes to Jesus

Are meant to provoke a response like: Silent?

Are about fishing or basketball

Are pure silliness like: this one or this one

My most commented ever is just me asking for help

Anyway, thanks for visiting. And if you got here because of the church newsletter, leave a comment and say hello. And feel free to come back or add me to your RSS reader.

Also, visit this post and vote in the comments

P.S. We mail out about 285 newsletters, anyone want to guess how many extra hits that translates into. I'd set the over/under at 20 with 5 comments.