Has the World Gone Crazy?

I just read (and by "just read" I mean over the weekend when I wrote this post) this story: Sex education 'should begin at four

and I am wondering, how can anybody honestly look at the world and think, "What our kids need is more exposure to sex."  I'm kinda sad to think it's even a debate.

Here is a Digg comment, that probably illustrates the point of what some are thinking

i have always thought that it's a tad ridiculous that we treat sex as some sort of secret thing. biologically it's our only reason for being and shouldn't be treated as something crass or dirty. if the topic of sex is treated casually then the allure and mystery will be gone by the time kids are of sexual maturity and probably won't make a rash decision out of either the desire to discover their own sexuality, or out of being misinformed.

I'm only going to address the second sentence of this comment  "biologically its our only reason for being."  This is a worldview problem, and it is incredibly sad.  I can hardly fathom what life would be like if in fact all we were was biological.  Neither can anyone else.  People have souls and we cannot see the world as merely a physical place.  By the way, if it was, then there would be no morality attached to sex or anything else.  In fact there would be no morality whatsoever.  We might as well teach 4-year-olds about sex.  Or even two, isn't that what they do in Brave New World?

But that's not how the world works.  We were created as both physical and spiritual beings, and God made sex for a purpose.  And in any context proper or improper, it will always be a big deal.

Sex will always be a big deal, and anyone who tells you different is selling something.