Picking Our Sins

I just read this post, and I wonder; does this surprise anyone?  Here’s and obvious disclaimer – I am clearly in the 71%. Here’s the thing.  We all choose the sins that we are going to be offended by.  And for most of us, this poor body-stewardship is not one of them.  I know that I regularly wake up in the morning and am determined to change my behavior so that I am healthier, but often by lunchtime I’ve forgotten that determination.  Also I know that overweightness is a sin I find very easy to forgive in others.

However there are a host of sins that I judge much more harshly in myself and others.  I am not saying that the other sins that we judge more harshly don’t deserve the treatment.  I am, however, wondering how we decide where to draw that line.  Why are we offended by cussing but not overeating? Born Loser Comic Over the years I have known Christians who were offended by women wearing pants, and Christians who are seemingly not bothered by anything.  I really don’t have any suggestion for where the arbitrary “sin line” comes from.  I would suggest that it comes from our church, but for the most part we chose churches that hold to our views rather than molding ourselves to the views of our church.

Here’s what I do know.  God does not have an arbitrary line.  He hates our sin – all of it – and He wants us to “be holy in all our conduct.