A Mystery

What is this thing I saw this sticker on a car Friday, and I have no idea what it might be.  We were sitting at light so I snapped a picture of it.  Sorry for the lack of clarity.  It's tough to take a picture in traffic.

At the time I was thinking it was a Christian fish with a  lasso.  But now that I see it and it's not moving, I'm pretty sure I'm wrong about that.  The heart portion of the symbol looks like it made of barbed wire, or maybe it's a map symbol for railroad tracks.

Your assignment is to tell me what the heck this might be.  I'll take your best guess, or if any of my genius readers know the truth I would love to know.

Some context clues that might help - I saw it on a Toyota, on Ft. Bragg (so possibly it has something to do with the military) the other side of the car had a sticker of Mary or one of the saints. (so maybe it is a religious symbol)  I'll take your best guess in the comments