One Week

And it will be over.  Commercials will be on TV that are about products, not just candidates.  The news will have something new to talk about.  And we will have a new president-elect. I am personally of the opinion that, however the election goes, we get what we deserve.  Maybe I'm overly pessimistic about politics (I am after all truly thankful to live in a democracy) but I do not see anything substantial changing, regardless of who is elected.  Our country is set up in such a way that no one really has all that much power.  In truth, who you vote for for governor makes much more difference than who you vote for president.

That is not to say your vote doesn't matter.  As Christians we absolutely have a duty to vote, and to vote according to the Bible.  To do anything else would be irresponsible, poor stewardship, and make us bad citizens.

Please vote.  Pray, read your Bible, and vote.

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