NaNoWriMo Project

Sometimes on youth trips we play three-headed storyteller.  It's a game I adapted it from "Whose Line Is It Anyway."  It works like this; you get three people and each of them contributes one word to a story.  keep going in a rotation.  They always turn out to be funny. Thinking about that game got me to thinking.  November is National Novel Writing Month, and I have this great forum, I have a bunch of regular readers who are also creative.  Although many of you are too shy to ever post anything I still think we can make this work.  So I want to attempt a project.  Between now and the new year you will notice a new tab at the top of this blog called collaborative story.  (I was going to sticky it, but was afraid it would get too long and overwhelm page 1)  In this tab we will write a collaborative story.  Any and all of you feel free to contribute.  Even if you are a first-timer, or a reader who never contributes, you are welcome to join in.  I will leave the first section very open ended, but sooner or later, some of you will need to fill in some details.

Here are the necessary rules:

  1. No one can write two consecutive portions
  2. Portions may not be longer than 400 words (for reference, the prior 2 paragraphs were 178 words )
  3. Be aware of continuity.  Please read the story and relate your section to the rest.  We don't want this to turn out like Snoopy's novel.   Not too many meanwhiles etc.
  4. No quick endings.  Please don't have aliens destroy the world, or some sort of catastrophy to end the story short
  5. Please don't negate the contributions of others, (e.g. Then he woke was all a dream)
  6. Careful of content/language.  Try to write your portions without swears or non PG-13 content.
  7. You put your portion in the comments, I will add it to the body of the post and delete the comment.
  8. I reserve the right to edit your portion for spelling grammar and format.
  9. Have fun

Finally - Try this. even if you don't think this is your thing or if you aren't creative, write one sentence.  Give it a shot.  I think this might be fun.