My blog's busiest day ever*

Weird.  Yesterday was the busiest day ever on this blog, except for the "what's the baby using" flurry.  i can't really see why. Open letter to NASCAR, Big news at BSCNC, and NaNoWriMo project all got good numbers.

My best theory why this was such a high number is that the NaNoWriMo post really generated 2 hits each time, because people went to the rules, then read the story.  And I figure some of you checked in on the [lack of] progress multiple times.

Now a word of encouragement - please write something.  The story won't progress if nobody writes anything.  I'll not share exact numbers, but there are a lot of views for the story, and only one section added.  Doesn't anybody wonder if the old man wrote the letter?  If so you can answer the question yourself.  Or you can have the train derail, or anything else you can think of....that's how it works and why it is can be fun.

Thanks for making yesterday my most visited day ever.

*non-what's the baby using