Best Web Junk (January 30)

It is no secret that I love Portal. I believe it is simply one of the most brilliantly designed and executed games I've ever played.  So of course I geeked out over this set of Portal guns somebody made I also love a good rant periodically.  This rant about a flight on Virgin airlines is both hilarious and well-written.  Here's a choice quote:

No sane person would serve a desert with a tomato would they. Well answer me this Richard, what sort of animal would serve a desert with peas in

This is a silly pic

Easily the greatest hacker prank of all time

The Super Bowl is Sunday and these are some pretty interesting numbers about its production

I almost passed out laughing at this. It's truly hilarious.  Be warned - it does have a swear.


This video is really neat, so neat that I can tolerate the terrible song.