Why is what we have not good enough?

After reading this story recently about President Obama lifting the ban on using federal funds to conduct embryonic stem cell research I was left with a question; Why is what we have not enough? Despite the first paragraph of the article I linked earlier, there is no law against embryonic stem cell research in this country, there never has been.  There is only a ban on using federal funds for that purpose. There are dozens of private foundations that fund this type of research, and the state of California passed a resolution funding it specifically.  There is also plenty of federally funded research done on non-embryonic stem cells. (which I fully support)  All of this is not to mention the research of this type that is being done all over the world.  So why are so many people so insistent on using tax dollars to fund something so controversial?  Or why is the fact that the government won't pay for it "an embarrassment for American science"?

Here is a similar issue -  I understand that the pro-choice faction wants abortion legal.  But even they all say that abortion is bad, so why insist on federal money being used to provide them?  I believe it is because there are a lot of people who profit from abortions, and more money for abortions means more money for them.

I am obviously opposed to abortion and embryonic stem cell research and I would fully support bans on both because I believe they are murder, but even if you disagree, can you not see that it is bad policy for the government to be in the practice of paying for these controversial procedures?

There is my question to the supporters - Why is the fact that is legal and ongoing not good enough? Why must I be forced with my tax dollars to pay for something I am morally opposed to?

The question is on the table - but a word of caution.  I will be moderating the comments.  Please guard your tone keep it polite and free of incendiary rhetoric.  No name calling or insulting the intelligence of those who believe either way.