A Bell's Palsy Postscript

I had really planned on being done with writing about Bell's palsy since it was over a year ago for me.  But there was a recent search that landed someone on my blog that requires a postscript.  Here is that search:

noise in my ear when i close my eye afte

I have writen about all the symptoms in a previous post, but I never mentioned this one because I didn't know how to describe it.  I realize that my bells' palsy post is helpful to people and very popular, so I want to make it thorough and comforting to people who are freaking out and just share with them my experience.

There is one symptom I didn't write about when I described my symptoms before and it still persists.  Whenever I touch my right eye, I hear a noise in my right ear.  It is difficult to describe but I'll try.  It sounds like a rumbling or maybe very light drumming on my ear.  In reality I think it is a spasm in the muscles that move my ear.  It is not a loud noise, but it can be distracting.

Even in the last 2 months it has improved.  Although it is still an active symptom, it doesn't last as long (I mean it doesn't rumble for as long as I am touching my eye) and less of my eye is sensitive.  Also, my eye is less sensitive than it used to be.

I hope that is helpful to someone, and the rest of you feel free to think I am a freak.