What You People Come Here For (April Edition)

This is your monthly installment of the interesting searches that brought people to my blog.  They are simply cut & pasted, there is no editing done on my part.  I have put some commentary in parenthesis.  The same theme pretty much continues from month to month.  Things from different posts get combined into searches, sadly none of these people found what they were looking here.

  • canadian geese under the tree images
  • fiching (I had to look this one up on urban dictionary to be sure it isn't secretly something dirty)
  • what a peach tree looks like pictures
  • when i was twelve
  • life stages of a canadian goose
  • why do geese mate for life
  • geese mate (I just love how I've become a goose expert)
  • story on pastor allowing phone use at ch
  • things to do when jeromy is bored
  • benefits from twitter at church (don't be twittering at church, people)
  • twitter and churce
  • what the baby using  (For some reason the bad grammar of this one reminded me of how is babby formed)
  • in these difficult financial times (I just put this one here because of the BOL drinking game.  It's not really funny)
  • "jeremy s" fishing blog (excellent use of apostrophe)
  • homologomen (I have no idea what this could mean)
  • what is a verb for a platypus? (Let's try something.  Man, he really platypused that dude.)

Add your own verb for platypus in the comments