Best Web Junk (May 1)

Since this was such an SBC heavy week I'll include one link to a blogpost I give a hearty amen to regarding the state of the convention I found this tour of Michael Jackson's belongings fascinating, and depressing.  It gives real insight into the freakishness of that man.  Key quote:

I wondered if he'd commissioned these pieces himself, or if they were given to him. It made a difference as to where to peg him on the crazy scale. It's one thing to accept a painting of yourself as a gift from a fan, and another thing to call up your local portraitist and say, "Can you paint me as a knight? Or maybe as a glowing swordsman? How about as a glowing swordsman crowning myself as a knight? "

You don't really need to sleep tonight.  So have a look at these creepy mugshots

Better check yourself.  You can never be too careful.

At first I thought this was some kind of joke.  But then I saw that there are like 20 youtube vids of the same thing.  I guess St. marten is famous for this, but there should be a sign or something saying, "No Shaq."  It could literally be his last vacation.  This is just an amazing video.


I really enjoy the show Better Off Ted.  It's funny and it was preempted Wednesday night for President Obama's press conference.  In response they produced this video by the fictional company from the show.  It's not hilarious, but the fact that they would do it is amazing.