You may remember that last August I posted a list of what I thought were clever fantasy football team names.  If not you can see it here.  I have had several hits in the last week about naming a Fantasy football team so I thought I'd again share my list.    So what I’ve done for you is to collect all of the clean & funny, WBAGNFARB’s* from Dave Barry’s blog over the last year.  This list is not comprehensive or original.  It's merely a collection from that blog.

  • Lovelorn Musk Ox
  • Mid-afternoon Confrontation
  • The Mushers
  • Plowing Down the Rifleman
  • Snakes in a spigot
  • Reptiles of concern
  • Solar-Powered Sea Slug and the Stolen Plant Genes
  • Fugitive Emu
  • Freakishly Powerful Toilet
  • Scorpion Soup
  • Pickled Chameleon
  • Vengeful Weasel
  • Delinquent Cod
  • Trouser Thief and the Violent Garment Swap

*WBANGFARB = Would Be A Good Name For A Rock Band