My best blog posts

I'm planning to put up a new tab at the top of my blog a sort of introduction to my blog and what it's about.  I thought I'd add links to my all-time best posts. There are a year and a half worth of posts (321) on this blog, so it's a bit of a daunting task to decide on what are the 10 or 12 best across categories.

Here's where you come in.  Many of you read my blog regularly and surely there are some posts that you remember well or that you particularly enjoyed.  Please take the time to suggest something in the comments.  It could be a post that you particularly enjoyed, one that made you angry or just one that you thought was good.  Nobody really comments here very much anymore, so I don't have the feedback I once did.

Here are a few of my nominees


Has the World Gone Crazy

Stuff to do Before I die

My night in the Emergency Room