NaNoWriMo Project take 2

Remember this? That story did not go at all the way I expected it to.  I certainly didn't see Michael Strahan showing up.  It was kinda fun

Well it's November again, NaNoWriMo, so let's take another crack at writing a collaborative story.  Again this year I'll make a tab at the top with a link to the story.  You add your contribution in the comments and I'll move it up to the body of the story.

The one thing we need to make it better is your contribution.

Here are the rules.  same rules as last year:

  1. No one can write two consecutive portions
  2. Portions may not be longer than 400 words
  3. Be aware of continuity.  Please read the story and relate your section to the rest.  We don’t want this to turn out like Snoopy’s novel.   Not too many meanwhiles etc.
  4. No quick endings.  Please don’t have aliens destroy the world, or some sort of catastrophy to end the story short
  5. Please don’t negate the contributions of others, (e.g. Then he woke up…it was all a dream)
  6. Careful of content/language.  Try to write your portions without swears or non PG-13 content.
  7. I reserve the right to edit your portion for spelling grammar and format.
  8. Have fun

Finally – Try this. even if you don’t think this is your thing or if you aren’t creative, write one sentence.  Give it a shot.  I think this might be fun.