The beginning

Here is part one of this year's story.  Have fun adding to it, it's in a tab at the top -

It was November and William was out for his daily walk through the neighborhood.  It was cold this morning but walking through the neighborhood was better than a treadmill and looking at the same wall for an hour.  As he arrived back at his house he checked the mail and found a package.

There was no return address on the package and he didn't remember ordering anything so he opened it as he was going into the house.

The package contained a t-shirt that said, "I'm with stupid," a note that read "wear this on your trip," and a plane ticket to Brazil.

"At least it's not a train ticket," he thought, recalling a frightening dream he had about a year ago.  He began to debate in his mind whether he wanted to be a part of another mysterious adventure.  The ticket was for a flight tomorrow at 7 a.m. so he had a while to make up his mind.