2009 Prediction Results

Last year I wrote a post making predictions for the new year.  This is how I did. The Dow Jones and the price of gas will both be higher at the end of 2009 than at the beginning.  The recession however, will continue through the year. Currently the Dow is up, and gas is up almost a dollar.  Not sure how to determine if the recession is still on G..I Joe will be the highest grossing movie of the year. Just to hedge my bets I’ll say Transformers 2, Harry Potter, and Star Trek will all be in the top 15. I did okay on this one, they were all in the top 15.  But GI Joe was #15 Transformers & Harry Potter were #1 & 2, and Star Trek was #6. Blu-ray player sales will still stink, though they will obviously improve over what they are now. They have improved, but “stink” is not a very measurable term so I don’t know how to call this one.  I guess I probably would say I got it right The digital TV transition will go smoothly with no major hitches across the country Yep Twitter will catch on with “the kids” and people will see its usefulness Nope This blog will not reach 1000 comments My total comments are at 602 Someone in my youth group will become a Christian Yep I will weigh less at the end of 09 than at the beginning I weigh pretty much the same

In the comments, Ryan made the following predictions: UNC will win the National Championship. (Basketball) - happened UNC will get to a BCS Bowl. - Nope Carolina Panthers will win the Super Bowl. – They are out of this year’s playoffs.  I assume Ryan didn’t mean the 09 Super Bowl which was won by the Steelers.  Either way it was a bad prediction I will get a girlfriend. – Didn’t happen I will post 1000 comments on this blog – definitely didn’t happen

Geneva commented on my predictions: I agree with your Dow and Gas predictions, although, I think that is a gimme. – Got it I believe the recession is going to bottom out in the summer. – Still don’t know how to call this one I think Transformers 2 will be the number 1 earner. I also predict that all the comic book fanboys will be very sad with 2009s comic book movies compared to 2008s. – Bingo on Transformers I think a Blu-ray player will drop for less that 200 bucks, and people will start converting. – Christmas saw a lot of sub $150 players but people really haven’t started switching en masse I think the digital transition has already gone smoothly. – Transition day was June 12 so I don’t know what this comment was about “The Kids” won’t embrace Twitter. Myspace will end up making a spoof of Twitter, and they will embrace that. – The Kids didn’t start Twittering but the Facebook live feed is basically a cluttered Twitter clone, so that was a good prediction You will get a reasonable amount of comments. – Uh…comments were pretty far off of last year Agree - Yep I Believe you Will! - Nope

Tomorrow...My predictions for 2010