2010 Predictions

These are my predictions for 2010.  Feel free to make your own predictions in the comments

  • Toy Story 3 will be the top movie of the year, Iron Man 2, the A-Team, and Harry Potter will also be in the top 15
  • The Dow will be higher at the end of 2010 than at the beginning
  • There will be 15 e-book readers on the market by the end of 2010 but still no major publisher will release DRM-free books.  So I will not buy one
  • The health care bill will not become final before May and by the time I write this post next year there will still be millions of uninsured Americans.
  • The Twitter stream will have ads in it (not just spam)
  • USA will be no better than 3rd in the medal count at the winter Olympics
  • Kentucky will be in the Final 4
  • The finale of Lost will be mostly satisfying
  • I will not live in Kentucky at the end of 2010
  • I will weigh less at the end of 2010 than I do at the beginning