The Final Season of Lost is Coming

It's less than a week away

And I have been rewatching the series since Christmas.  I'm only about halfway thorugh season 3 right now bu watching it again reminds me of just what a great show it is.

Like everyone else I have a list of questions that I hope is answered by the final season.  I know that not every single thing I wonder about will be answered, but here are the 10 questions that I feel are most important.

Let me phrase them in the form of   What’s the deal with…

  1. Jacob/Man in Black
  2. The Island (I know this one is pretty vague)
  3. The numbers
  4. Walt and/or Vincent (the ability to make stuff happen)
  5. Richard Alpert – why doesn’t that dude age?
  6. Christian Shepherd
  7. The smoke monster
  8. Why children can’t be born on the island
  9. That giant statue
  10. Everybody being connected. Did the island choose them or what’s the deal with that?

So those are my questions.  What did I leave out?

Finally, here's a promo to get you fired up.