Best Web Junk (Jan 29)

I love fishing, but if I ever reeled in something that looks like this I'd probably freak out.  (Probably not gonna happen though since it's nearly extinct) This movie will probably be better than Transformers 2

This cannot be real. But if it is, it's pretty impressive

<rant>With all the talk about Avatar lately I've been wondering why movies count the amount of money they take in rather than actual ticket sales like every other form of entertainment.  I mean seriously, records & books count units sold.  TV counts ratings, not ad money taken in.  Why do movies report money.  Of course movies set records for box-office reciepts all the time.  Movie prices inflate faster than any product I can think of.  </rant>

Finally, somebody listed top movies by ticket sales

This is so brilliant and it is by far the best video I've seen this week.   It only has one, but be warned -

it has a swear[youtube=]