The Controversial Tim Tebow

There has been a lot of news already about an ad that hasn’t aired.  There have been protests from many groups, discussions on sports-talk radio, and now even Gloria Allred is planning to sue.  (BTW – If you have Gloria Allred’s ire, you must be doing something right BTW – Gloria Allred’s Ire WBAGNFARB) Unless you have been under a rock for the last week, you know that the ad I’m talking about features Tim Tebow and his mother and the story of his birth.  No one I have heard commenting has even seen the commercial.  The best I can tell, and I haven't seen the commercial either, the message is, “I’m glad I chose not to abort Tim Tebow.”

I have heard it referred to as anti-choice, anti-abortion, and pro-life.  I have heard people complain that CBS should not accept any “political” advertisements.  My thought however, is that the message of the ad is not inherently political.  I don’t believe that anyone will say please make abortion illegal, or that anyone will be vilified.  There will merely be the message that in this case abortion would have robbed the world of a Heisman Trophy winner and that abortion is bad.  By the way, that is a message I have heard numerous times by those who are strongly pro-choice.  Everyone [who doesn’t earn a living from them] wants to reduce the number of abortions.  So the message shouldn’t be controversial.

So why is it so controversial? Because Tim Tebow is a Christian and is open about his faith. (I have previously heard debates about whether or not he should be allowed to put Scripture references on his eye black.)  This is actually a promise from Jesus, “Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me.”  The “persecution” of being so controversial is pretty minor compared to what so many Christians around the world experience.

I know this is one of those topics that makes people want to comment.  If you comment, be respectful.