The Lost Scorecard

Back in January, in anticipation of the final season of Lost I made a  I made a list of the questions I wanted to see answered.  In this post I am checking the score to see how that final season measured up to my hopes

  1. Jacob/Man in Black - Answered
  2. The Island (I know this one is pretty vague) - Really not answered, but at lest sort of addressed
  3. The numbers - Answered
  4. Walt and/or Vincent (the ability to make stuff happen) - Not even addressed
  5. Richard Alpert – why doesn’t that dude age? - Answered
  6. Christian Shepherd - Answered
  7. The smoke monster - Answered
  8. Why children can’t be born on the island - Not even addressed
  9. That giant statue - Not addressed
  10. Everybody being connected. Did the island choose them or what’s the deal with that? - Answered, sort of.

So by my count that is 6 of 10 questions answered.  Overall I was satisfied.  I found the finale to be emotional and enjoyable, even if it didn't answer the question what is the island.

All during Christian Shepard's speech all I could think of was that this is a postmodern / new-agey version of C.S. Lewis' The Great Divorce.  Also I was terribly distracted by that ridiculous stained glass window tribute to every religion even if they are 100% incompatible.