College entrance exam

College Admission essay #1

How do you feel about Wednesday?

Sadly for the purposes of this essay, I do not have strong feelings about the fourth day of the week as a day. I'm not offended by having a day named for Odin, because he is not a real God and because no one actually associates the name with Odin. Also, assuming a 7-day week, which is nearly universal, some day has to be the fourth, and so my feelings would just be transferred to that day regardless of the name.

Therefore, I will answer the question about Wednesday based on what Wednesday is like for me currently.  Now, onto the new question, "How do you feel about your Wednesdays?"

Wednesday is by far the hardest day of the week for me. For starters, it is the only day of the week when I have to be at work before 7. I do not function well in the morning, so anything before 8 is difficult for me. 6:30 is well before 8 and I struggle every morning to get out of bed.

Then once I arrive at work, the work is physically difficult. There is a lot of lifting heavy objects, sometimes in very hot or very cold weather.

After the difficult physical work of my morning, my day transitions to a normal work day, not too bad.    

After my most difficult day of the week at work then there is Wednesday night church.  I very much enjoy Wednesday night church, although I'm pretty tired sometimes and I miss.

One positive thing about Wednesdays as they are currently construed in my life - I sleep well at night.


Maybe you are wondering why I'm answering a question like this on my blog. Click here for the reason why. It is from the University of Chicago application for admission, somebody from the admissions office tell me how I did please. I chose this one first, instead of the ones you voted on because it was first in the infographic, and I started on it before anyone voted.