Best Web Junk (October 17)

The scariest fish story of all time.  (BTW:  There's no way I'm ever eating this kind of catfish (Not that I would eat anything that came out of a river full of dead bodies)) A messed up fail

I actually know some people who are predicting this.  But I hope it's just pessimism.

A great scene from last week's office, if you like BSG (and I do) this is awesome.  (Dumbledore Calrissian ftw)

I don't know who thought of this but they deserve some sort of nobel Prize for awesomeness


Best Web Junk (August 29)

Everybody I know has sent me a link to this story this week.  So I need to share it with you This link is here to keep [regular commenter] Caroline out of jail.

Looks like the flood is coming, what do we save.  You gotta have priorities - via digg

totally amazing - I can't remember where I saw these

This is horrible news for me, since I'm an SEC fan living in NC, The Raycom games are all available streaming on, now that ESPN has bought all those games the regional ones will be unavailable to me, meaning that I will miss about 6 UK basketball games a year

This video is both good and impressive.  It appears that they just did this on the spur of the moment.  it's really good.  I heard it on the Delta Park Project.


This paragraph is from Dave Barry's article today and is pretty much the best summation I have heard of the DNC anywhere:

That message, in a nutshell, is that Barack Obama represents hope and change and an attractive but nonthreatening wife and experience in the form of Joe Biden; whereas John McCain -- although he is a great patriot for whom the Democrats have the deepest personal respect -- is the warmongering environment-wrecking house-forgetting evil demon spawn of Satan.

This, from The Onion, is really hilarious, but if you visit the site, the headline is dirty


What's this - a new blog post?

So I'm back from the basement and it's time to get back to normal life.  Which, it just so happens, includes writing blog posts.  I'm going to start off with a little travelogue. (Just a few pictures from my past week.)  Then tomorrow, your regularly scheduled best web junk, and next week it's back to normal blogging. I had an 8 day vacation .  I went back home to visit my family.

Which included my new nephew that I had never seen before.  he had a bit of a rough time coming into the world and was not allowed to see his momma for the first few days.  But he is clearly doing very well now.  This is not a fake picture, this is Jake Johnson my nephew. he really looks like a cabbage patch doll.  Also I'm sporting the half-face tan and looking oddly bald.  (I'm puffing out my cheeks to look like him.)

I also went to the eye doctor as I always do during my summer visit home.

Here you can see me all google-eyed.  Freshly dilated with virtually no blue part left.

Then I went to Mexico to visit my good friends Brent & Amanda Highfil.  Here's a pic of their two oldest children Luke & Noah.  We played Rock Band on the Wii Friday night with Keaton & Ali Shewcraft.  It was really fun.

I also got to go fishing twice.  once on Barkley with my dad.  We caught 6 bass fishing a Carolina rig on main lake flats.  (pretty descriptive huh)  and once at a family get-together.  We were at this lovely private lake.

I caught about 6 bass and a few of these very hungry catfish.  The other guy is my uncle.

I had a good time, glad to be back in Fayetteville and I have plenty to do for the next few months.