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Best Web Junk (December 10)

This video would be impressive even if it wasn't the former home of Louisville being outfitted with UKs court. [youtube=] I know everybody on the internet has seen this already, but this is without question the best thing I have seen on the web this week.  Whoever did it is awesome and whoever did it has too much time on their hands.  Seriously, Wow. [youtube=]

Thoughts about a loss from a UK fan

There is only one problem with caring about things – the pain that comes when things don’t go how you wish they would. I have to say that I am somewhat ashamed about how I react when Kentucky loses in the NCAA tournament.  It pretty much ruins my weekend.

Oddly though, I prefer this feeling, being somewhat crushed by a loss, to the feeling I have had the last few years as a UK fan.  When we lost in the first round of the NCAAs or the second round of the NIT it was expected.  And rather than ruining my day, it was just one more loss.  That is especially difficult when you consider the state of the program during my time at UK.  Those years saw 2 national championships and 3 consecutive trips to the final. Last year’s NIT was painful.

They program is back now.  This year, UK should have won the tournament, but one bad game is all it takes.

So I am crushed by a loss, but I am already looking forward to next season.  I obviously have no idea what to expect from the football team but I feel that the basketball team is back where it belongs.  And if it means more pain caused by a loss, I’ll take it.  It’s a lot better than being numb.

March Madness for a Kentucky Fan

funny pictures This is mid-March.  Normally this feels like a holiday to me.  And even this year I feel like next Thursday should be a holiday.  But It's a very different feeling March than I can ever remember.  UK does not deserve to be in the NCAA tourney and I am simply a lot less excited than usual.

I'm going to reserve comment about the program except for this LOL[wild]cat I made earlier. Enjoy

Best Web Junk (August 29)

Everybody I know has sent me a link to this story this week.  So I need to share it with you This link is here to keep [regular commenter] Caroline out of jail.

Looks like the flood is coming, what do we save.  You gotta have priorities - via digg

totally amazing - I can't remember where I saw these

This is horrible news for me, since I'm an SEC fan living in NC, The Raycom games are all available streaming on, now that ESPN has bought all those games the regional ones will be unavailable to me, meaning that I will miss about 6 UK basketball games a year

This video is both good and impressive.  It appears that they just did this on the spur of the moment.  it's really good.  I heard it on the Delta Park Project.


This paragraph is from Dave Barry's article today and is pretty much the best summation I have heard of the DNC anywhere:

That message, in a nutshell, is that Barack Obama represents hope and change and an attractive but nonthreatening wife and experience in the form of Joe Biden; whereas John McCain -- although he is a great patriot for whom the Democrats have the deepest personal respect -- is the warmongering environment-wrecking house-forgetting evil demon spawn of Satan.

This, from The Onion, is really hilarious, but if you visit the site, the headline is dirty


Good Bye Mr. Wildcat

I read this article this morning and it made me sad. Legendary Kentucky manager dies

This post will not make sense to you if you are not from Kentucky. But today I am genuinely sad about the death of a man I never met.

If there was a Mount Rushmore of Kentucky basketball three of the faces would be settled. They would be Adolph Rupp, the second winningest coach of all time who put UK basketball on the map, Cawood Ledford the long-time voice of the Cats, and Bill Keightley the equipment manager since 1962. (If you want to suggest the fourth in the comments, feel free. I would vote for Dan Issel.) I am sincere when I say that I think everyone in the state knows who these three men are. Even my Granny would know them.

So now all three of these men are gone. It is, sadly, the end of an era. Arguably the best program in the history of college basketball (certainly one of only 4 in the conversation) had always had this one commonality, Mr. Wildcat, Bill Keightley.

From UK Athletics:

Having just completed his 48th season on the UK sidelines, the Wildcats’ record over the past four decades with Keightley as equipment manager is 1,113-351. During his tenure, he served under six UK head coaches — Adolph Rupp, Joe B. Hall, Eddie Sutton, Rick Pitino, Orlando “Tubby” Smith and Billy Gillispie. Kentucky, which has fielded 105 teams, has played 2,588; meaning Keightley played a role in 57 percent of those games. In 1997, UK honored Keightley with a retired jersey in his honor. He joins veteran broadcaster Cawood Ledford as the only non-player or coach to have a jersey retired at UK. Keightley was also among 88 Wildcat greats inducted into the charter class of the UK Athletics Hall of Fame in 2005.

I thought this better than a silly April fool’s day post. And I wish it was a joke.

Here's a video from four years ago. It is sad now.