Thoughts about a loss from a UK fan

There is only one problem with caring about things – the pain that comes when things don’t go how you wish they would. I have to say that I am somewhat ashamed about how I react when Kentucky loses in the NCAA tournament.  It pretty much ruins my weekend.

Oddly though, I prefer this feeling, being somewhat crushed by a loss, to the feeling I have had the last few years as a UK fan.  When we lost in the first round of the NCAAs or the second round of the NIT it was expected.  And rather than ruining my day, it was just one more loss.  That is especially difficult when you consider the state of the program during my time at UK.  Those years saw 2 national championships and 3 consecutive trips to the final. Last year’s NIT was painful.

They program is back now.  This year, UK should have won the tournament, but one bad game is all it takes.

So I am crushed by a loss, but I am already looking forward to next season.  I obviously have no idea what to expect from the football team but I feel that the basketball team is back where it belongs.  And if it means more pain caused by a loss, I’ll take it.  It’s a lot better than being numb.

March Madness for a Kentucky Fan

funny pictures This is mid-March.  Normally this feels like a holiday to me.  And even this year I feel like next Thursday should be a holiday.  But It's a very different feeling March than I can ever remember.  UK does not deserve to be in the NCAA tourney and I am simply a lot less excited than usual.

I'm going to reserve comment about the program except for this LOL[wild]cat I made earlier. Enjoy

My Life So Far

Today is my 33rd birthday. Birthdays have a way of making me take stock of my life, and even though I'm not freaking out today, I still like to look back. (BTW I really freaked out over turning 29.) I figure that, even with wishful thinking, at least a third of my life has passed. So, just for fun, I’ll break down my life so far into thirds and share some highlights.

Age birth – 11: I really accomplished a lot, relatively speaking. Mostly, like other kids, it’s learning stuff. Here’s a partial list that is in no particular order.

  • Successfully navigated the birth canalMe like 1 yo
  • Learned to walk
  • Learned to talk (possibly learned this one a little too well)
  • Inherited my brother and promptly, through regular beat-downs, established my dominance
  • Survived a bout with a life-threatening illness.
  • Learned how to use the toilet and clean up after myself (very important skill)
  • Learned to tie my shoes even though in the early 80s we all thought velcro would replace laces
  • Learned to ride a bike (this one took me a while)
  • Learned to read and write
  • Successfully passed Kindergarten through 5th grade (I turned 12 during the 6th grade)
  • Moved 10 times or so through 4 different cities (Franklin KY, Somerset KY, Bristol VA, Hopkinsville KY, Cerulean KY)
  • Became a Christian
  • Participated in a school play
  • Got pretty fat
  • Made it to the dice and bowtie (I can’t remember which is better) levels of Megamania

Age 12-22: Not so much about learning stuff, as accomplishing stuff or failing to accomplish stuff. This is obviously what I would refer to as my formative years. I am who I am mostly because of these 11 years. Again, here’s a list.

  • Managed to get through 6th-12th grade in one try (I won’t be saying that later on)
  • Survived the divorce of my parents
  • Saved the princess in Super Mario BrothersMy Sr. Picture
  • Saw my Dad become a Christian
  • Inherited a step family (which included 2 more brothers and a sister. Again I had to establish my dominance through regular beat-downs)
  • Actually went on a few dates
  • Played trombone in High School band
  • Totally graduated high school (again, it only took one try)
  • Lost a bunch of weight then got fat again
  • Moved away from home for college at UK
  • Spent a summer in Washington & Oregon as a NAMB summer missionary (This was life changing. If you are in college and want to be used by God, apply at
  • Spent a summer as youth director at the church I grew up in
  • Went to the 1997 final 4 and had great seats (Sadly, Kentucky lost)
  • Served as youth minister at Durbin Memorial Baptist Church
  • Flunked out of UK
  • Moved about 6 more times during this period
  • Worked for Universal Property & Casualty insurance company (I didn't live in Florida. It was operated by Kentucky National.)

Age 23-33: I realize that I'm just beginning my 33rd year, but I can talk about the previous 10.

Making that list was kinda fun. Hope you enjoyed it