Thoughts about a loss from a UK fan

There is only one problem with caring about things – the pain that comes when things don’t go how you wish they would. I have to say that I am somewhat ashamed about how I react when Kentucky loses in the NCAA tournament.  It pretty much ruins my weekend.

Oddly though, I prefer this feeling, being somewhat crushed by a loss, to the feeling I have had the last few years as a UK fan.  When we lost in the first round of the NCAAs or the second round of the NIT it was expected.  And rather than ruining my day, it was just one more loss.  That is especially difficult when you consider the state of the program during my time at UK.  Those years saw 2 national championships and 3 consecutive trips to the final. Last year’s NIT was painful.

They program is back now.  This year, UK should have won the tournament, but one bad game is all it takes.

So I am crushed by a loss, but I am already looking forward to next season.  I obviously have no idea what to expect from the football team but I feel that the basketball team is back where it belongs.  And if it means more pain caused by a loss, I’ll take it.  It’s a lot better than being numb.

March Madness for a Kentucky Fan

funny pictures This is mid-March.  Normally this feels like a holiday to me.  And even this year I feel like next Thursday should be a holiday.  But It's a very different feeling March than I can ever remember.  UK does not deserve to be in the NCAA tourney and I am simply a lot less excited than usual.

I'm going to reserve comment about the program except for this LOL[wild]cat I made earlier. Enjoy