It's NCAA Day

Today is my favorite TV watching day of the year.  I love the NCAA tournament, especially the first two rounds.  I will be working some today but with digital cable and 4 games at a time most of the day, I'll be pretty distracted. Also I have read somewhere that the NCAA office pool is the most popular workplace game of all.  With the advent of the internet it's easy to join many groups and play at multiple places.  I assume that everyone is in at least 2 bracket pools.

Now the age old question.

Do you enter the same bracket (a sheet of integrity) into all your groups or do you play multiple brackets for multiple groups.

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If you are the sheet of integrity type, let us know your final 4 in the comments.

More Basketball

This is going to be a two post day. One I should have posted yesterday, because it is about Easter, but it is the more serious of the two so I will post it later. First a word about …

Basketball – I pull for the teams I like, rather than the teams that help my bracket. And there are a lot more teams I hate, than teams I like.  I pull for the SEC even if it costs me in my predictions.  I root against the ACC, Big 10, Big East, and Pac 10.  There is a pecking order within those conferences though.  I have no particular vitriol for Arizona St., or Wisconsin, for example. (I’m pretty neutral about the Big 12) I Loved watching Duke lose and would have loved to see UCLA lose.   (Apparently Kevin Love is immune from moving screen, or any other, fouls.)  I stand virtually no chance of winning any of my groups at this point, so I'm just watching for the enjoyment of it.

The teams I hate most in order are (1 & 2 could be reversed depending on the day) 1. UCLA 2. Duke 3. North Carolina

The teams I want to see win it all this year in order are 1. Western Kentucky 2. Tennessee 3. nobody, but I guess I'll take Kansas

Feel free to share your list in the comments