I like for my blog to be helpful.  So every year I assist you in naming your Fantasy football team.  (Here are the previous lists - list 1, list 2, list 3) My solution to help you is to simply make a list of all of the clean & funny, WBAGNFARB’s* from Dave Barry’s blog over the last year.  This list is not original in any way I just stole them all from Dave Barry.  I took my own team name from this list.  This year my team is the Socialist Tortillas.

  • Burning Yam Truck
  • Socialist tortilla
  • Ninja Slugs
  • Kung Fu hamster
  • Mulch Concepts
  • Unclaimed Chickens
  • Cheese Shoes
  • Stinky Mystery Waste

Also this year I will point you to this list from Conan O'Brien.  Many of these would be great Fantasy Football team names

*WBAGNFARB = Would Be A Good Name For A Rock Band